Race News – Lake Ming Bakersfield, CA

March 20, 2015

The setting – the ever popular Lake Ming in Bakersfield, CA.

The weather was spectacular. Six CrackerBox teams arrived to do battle on the spacious waters of the lake. The event host SCSC. The teams – from the south – Soliss P9 Miss Suncoast with Hollywood Schatz and Jeff Hansen. Mike Schatzs P92 Evolution with Mike Schatz and Cole Noble. Conaways P55 California Cracker Sluice Box with Dave Laws and Scott Stump. Doidges P94 High Maintenance with Donald Doldge and Justin Dalessandro, From the north – Rucki Bross P28 Renegade with Briand and Timothy Schmeltz, Julians 99P Wicked with Julian and Brittney Schwarzenbach, Saturday – Heat 1 – all teams made the call, a decent battle started to unfold as , P55 and 99P entered turn 1 together. Coming out of turn 199P slowed and was unable to finish. It was found to be a wire came off the power switch for the fuel pump. P9 took off from there, followed by P94 and P92. P55 also unable to finish, it too had electrical problems. P28 with a less then stellar start held down the 4th place finish. He at 2 – not making the call P28, water coming out of the left header and P55 still working on its ignition woes. Again a great battle headed into turn 1. , P92, 99P and P94 four wide entered the turn, 99P threaded a tight needle between P9 and P94 and came out of the turn in 2nd spot behind , P94 came on strong on the outside, P92 was on the inside. 99P not comfortable with warying oil pressure chose to back off and ultimately pulled in. P9 and P92 were the battle. P9 took 1st, P922nd, and P943rd. Sunday – P28 and 99P scratched. P55 made some repairs and there were 4 boats. Heat – P9 took off, P92 and P55 running pretty strong. P94 was way off the pace. It was found latter, they were taking on water from the left chine. So they made the start and finished. P9 and P92 again battling for 1st and 2nd with P9 taking the win. P92 2nd the P55 3rd. Heat 2 – then there were 3 boats, P55 jumped the start so P9 and P92 battled for 1st. Again P9 pulled to the lead on the last turn beating his brother. It was good to see the teams come out. Hopefully more teams will be ready for Parkвг.

Tid Bits –

P28 issue has been partially diagnosed. Dropped exhaust walwe seat, broken exhaust valve, piston damage and cylinder head damage. Repairs assessment is under way.

P94 has some work to do again on the ever plaguing chine and bottom separation.

P55 is rewiring the boat.

99P needs to get a handle on the oil pressure.

Members, this is our club. We are what makes it tick. Lets get more people involved. We send out a Rapper every month. Club membership applications have been sent out. Awards ballots were sent out and follow-up emails sent as well. The return of the ballots wersus what was sent out was wery low. Lets make this club matter. Let us know what we can do to make it better. Next up is Lake Lawrence in April followed by Parker in May. And many thanks to Ed Solis for the club calendars he donated to the membership. And again to Lance as always for your many hours in preparing the best trip ever, And Blue Water Sound for the music. And anyone else who helped put together the Dinner and BR (bench racing) session Saturday night.

Thanks – Julian

Dinner and Awards Party Saturday night the club had their annual awards dinner. The party got off to a slow start, but eventually we had plenty of families enjoying the best piece of tritip anywhere. Prepared by none other than Lance the Meat Master. Varieties of salads and appetizers were awailable. Marshmallow roasting, etc. Once everyone was able to eat and start relaxing, Commodore Dawe Laws gathered up the masses, welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. Then he turned the awards portion over to Julian and Linda. This years awards were based on the last 3 seasons. Ballots were sent to the members. Those that were returned were counted in Bakersfield. And the winners are: Driver – Tony Lombardo Rider – Brian Schmeltz Rookie Driver – Donald Doidge Rookie Rider – Brittney Schwarzenbach Crew Chief – Robert Arnold Hard Luck – Mark Conaway Benefactor – Ed Solis Achievement – Team Doidge P94 Sportsman – Ron Pengra and Linda Kurowski

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