Race News – Lake Minden, CA

Lake Minden May 14th and 15th –

After weeks of fixing broken items, four teams converged at the Lake Minden in Nicolaus, Ca. for the Region 11 season opening event. With the hope that the oil gusher is now contained, John and Courtney’s P5 arrived Friday afternoon. They joined the Rucki’s P18, sporting the new custom strut from Lance Stump. Brian and Ohara Schmeltz 44P has a new trailer axle. The P27 of Gary Hyman’s has new head gaskets. That is the line up and list of repaired items. Then the fun began, trying to figure out who was going to be in what boat. Richard and Gary were unable to attend to take their respective driving duties, so musical rider and driver began. In the P5 was Tony Lombardo and Timothy Schmeltz. P18 had Jerry Croft and Denice Morris. 44P had Brian Schmeltz and Rich Alves. And finally P27 had Julian Rucki and Brittney Schwarzenbach. The line up stayed that way for the weekend. 5aturday – Heat 1 . All four headed to the start. An antsy Julian in the P27 jumped the gun, darn!! Followed by Pandora’s Box, the Renegade and Free-n-Easy. Quickly the P5 and the P18 blasted past the P27 and then the 44P settled into third with their Bakersfield setup. Both the P5 and P78 were a tad wild and it was like watching a wheelie competition. Finishing order – P5, P28 and 44P P27 was a DNF. Blow by from the valve covers caused concern and Julian brought her in. Heat 7 – All but the P27 made the call. Not sure where and why there was blow by, she sat out to be evaluated after the Saturday event. Of the three that made the start, P5 broke away from the field. Jerry showing he was getting more comfortable in the P18, stepped it up and drove a much more confident race. Brian’s 44P developed a throttle issue and a backfire. Finishing order – P5, P28 and 44P P27 was a DNS. Saturday night evaluations . P5 oil gusher much contained, but still has annoying oil in the boat. P28 made a plate change and a rudder change. P27 was evaluated and determined she is a go for 5unday, 44P found two rocker studs pulled past the heli coils on the cylinder number three, there was the misfire. After a team discussion it was decided to pull the push rods, leave the rocker sets off and leave out the spark plug.

Sunday – Heat 1 – All four boats made the start. We were all embarrassing late. P5 and P28 were away. P28 showed some spunk against the mighty P5. 44P wounded was holding up in third.P27 was making a charge on the 44P By lap 3 the blow by had returned, the water temp was increasing. Pulled her into the infield and watched the rest of the race from there.

Finishing order – P5, P28 and 44P Again P27 DNF. Heat 2 – Same three boats raced and finished P5, P28 and 44P P27 DNS,

Jerry Croft showed he still has the desire and gumption to drive with the rest. Denice Morris is showing she as skills as a rider. Jerry had nothing but good things to say about his rideг.

Brian in his first race as a boat owner, is finding out just what fun he was missing out on the last twо seasons as a dгiver/rideг.

Next APBA event for Crackerboxes will be June 11th and 12th in Oroville, Ca. at the Fore Bay. This event will also feature 1 liter hydros’ and the SE flat bottom class. Go to www.boatracingr11.com to register.


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