Race News – Havasu City, AZ

Well hello Cracker Nation. There has not been much race action since Parker. I must say was sad we were unable to race at Havasu City, but for reasons beyond the clubs control, that event has been postponed to a later date. Due to it being Easter, the Cracker Nation was unable to field a class for the March race at Parker. However, teams have been busy around their various team headquarters…… Pandora’s Box isolated and corrected their annoying oil leak. Renegade replaced intake gasket for the air leak at cylinder #5 and replaced the broken bow hook, which in itself was quite the task, as Richard drew the short straw and crawled his way around the engine to get up into the nose. The Rascal is getting some engine tweaks and a new strut at the S&S shop, Miss Suncoast, well not sure what the team has in store, Is the main motor ready? Or just some tweaking, Evolution, maybe just some off season maintenance, I hear that the Gramps cracker and High Maintenance will be ready for Bakersfield, both teams with motor rebuilds, and опе воme hull repairs. Sluice Box, wall. Не is just ready and waiting.

There will be a new team debuting at Bakersfield. Brian & Ohara Schmeltz 44P Free n Easy. Purchased from Jeff Walsh. It is a one of a kind wood cracker built in 1975 by J.J. Mckants. Brian has been busy with some off season improvements.

So as we enter round two for the 2015 points battle, here is how it stands P55 sitting at the top with 385 points, whaaaattittt…… then in 2nd spot P9 with 365, P28 in 3rd with 345 points, P5 holding up 4th 300 points and yes P38 in the 5th spot 165 points.

Bakersfield is shaping up to be a Battle Royale. The combatants are and in no particular order Canfield’s p5, Solis/Schatz p9, Doidge’s p21, Rucki’s p28. Nyland’s p38, Schmeltz 44p, Conaway’s p55, Schatz p32, and Doidge’s pø4……………………… is that nine crackers???????

This will be a site we haven’t seen in years. Sorry I will be missing this one due to attending my grandsons first birthday in Denver

And don’t forget, the Saturday night BBQ hosted by Ed Solis and 2015 season awards presentation ..so get your head count to Ed or Dave Laws (cbrc.commodore@gmail.com) for the BBQ.



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