Race News – Parker, AZ

The quest for the 2015 title began at the SCSC’s 59th annual Thanksgiving Regatta in Parker, AZ. Arriving to the sunny, but cool location on the banks of the Colorado River below the Blue Water Resort were six teams.

Making their arrival after a Wednesday night drive from Modesto was the Rucki Bros Renegade P28. Later that afternoon from the east bay area of Livermore rolled in the Canfield’s Pandora’s Box P5, Already on site were the local teams, if you will, from Southern Cal, Area, Ed Solis’s Miss Suncoast P9, Mark Conaway’s Sluice Box P55, and making it’s first appearance at Parker in maybe 3 years, Matt Bookey’s P42. It is sporting the famed twin rudder system. And rounding out our little party from the great northwest, fulfilling his bucket list item a second time, none other than Bob Nyland’s The Rascal P38,

Each team lineup for the weekend’s event were – P5 Tony Lombardo and Mike Mentor, P9 the usual suspects of Scott Schatz and Jeff Hansen, P55 Dawe Laws and Scott Stump, P38 Bob Nyland and his “rent a rider” on loan from P28 Timothy Schmeltz, P42 Matt Bookey and Eric Sammons, lastly P28 Julian Rucki and Brittney Schwarzenbach.

Friday’s first heat was a good one, The P5 took and early lead and held off a strong charge from the P55, 3rd had a battle shaping up between the P9 and P28, but old man Julian had not completed enough training after being dormant most of the 2015 season and had worn out arms in about 2% laps. P42 pulled off the course, steering issues, and the P38 settled for 5th. Finishing order – P5, P55, P9, P28, P38. P42 had a DNF.

Friday’s second heat was again a close one. On the warm up laps the P5 was spotted stalled on the course, You could see the rider and driver scurrying around to see what was the matter, Unable to correct it on the course, they sat and watched from just before turn one in the infield. As the teams came around from the start P28 corrected his poor start from Heat one and soared past the field at full song, Into turn one P.28 and a very close P55, At turn two with side by side action the P28 and P55 went thru the turn, Well the P55 did, P28 driver once again after a career start, fatigued and ended up in lane 25. He tried to regain only to be challenged by the P9, A good battle for 2nd ensued. The end result was P28 accepting that 3rd was going to be the best he could do,

Finishing order – P55, P9, P28, P38. P42 was a DNF and P5 was a DNS,

After the heat inspections found that the P38 had limped around the course with a broken strut. P42 had some steering cable repairs to make, P5 had a broken battery terminal which P55 had a spare part to loan him.

Now it is Sat. AM. We are now a party of 5. The only changes to the team lineup is that Brian and Timothy Schmeltz would be commanding the P28 as P38 was out and didn’t need his “rent a rider”. In heat one all 5 headed to the start. P5 lead the field from flag to flag with P55 in second. P28 mounted a charge on P9 for 3rd but couldn’t hold and Settled for 4th With P42 in 5th. Finishing order was – P5, P55, P9, P28 and P42 all finished!!!

With all teams fashionable late for the start of Sat.’s final, the P5 again took over the lead, but had to work at it a bit with a hard charging P55. P28 started on the outside and before you knew, it snuck up on the P9 and for 3 laps the P9 and P28 had what was the best see-saw battles of the day with the P9 edging out the P28 for 3rd. P42 pulled off the course due to MSD issues. Finishing order was – P5, P55, P9, P28 and P42 with a DNF.

So after two days of great racing here are the standing as we embark on the 2016 points title. P55 with 385, P9 with 365, P28 with 345, P5 with 300, P42 with 200 and P38 with 160.

At the trophy presentation when Scott received his 2nd place award he remarked that it sucks to come in second. Julian had already left to search out a gym to join to get back in shape to race. Dave was in unknown territory accepting the winners award for the P55. From perpetual “Hard Luck” award winner to first place is a change. All in all it was a great weekend.

Rumor has it that the P21 went to Firebird and was doing exceptionally well until it flipped. Hopefully it will be ready for Bakersfield in March. Looks like we have a strong field to begin the 2016 season.

Don’t forget to submit your club award nominations by the end of December. Email me if you have any questions – renegadep28@aol.com And remember, if you wish to be eligible for CrackerBox awards, you must join the club.


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