Race News – Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield – April 16th and 17th

There were 5 boats registered and ready to go Saturday AM. P5 with Tony driving and Blake riding. P21 with David driving and Jennifer riding. P28 with Richard driving and a new rider Denise Morris. P55 with Dave driving and a new rider Glenn Morris. P94 with Donald driving and Justin riding.

P38 arrived Sat afternoon straight from Scott’s shop, how ever the rocker arms weren’t clearanced and were hitting the valve cover. Hoban spend Sat night trying to get it right. P38 finally did a test run Sunday midday but it was popping by the second lap. I understand he took it back to Scott’s shop Տսոday ոight

P9 arrived Sat night. He was only there to test and found the oil was getting too warm due to the cooling fans not getting enough juice. Something about a 12wolt alt and a 16 volt battery. The boat handled a little screwy with the added weight of the radiator in the front. He only ran the first race oո Sսոday.

There were 5 boats that stated each race. P5, P21, P28, P55 and P94. With the two rookie riders I think those drivers came to realize just how much an experienced rider is important to the team.

Sat first heat – there was no horn and the time changed from 4 minutes to 3 minutes. Needless to say there was some confusion in timing the charge to the start. P55 and P21 jumped. It looked like P5 idled to the start. Not knowing he had jumped, the P21 ran neck and neck with the P28 for 3 laps then fell back. It ended with the penalty lap added – P5, P28, P94, P55 and P21.

Sat final – the horn was taken care of and the time corrected, thus no one jumped. The way they started is the way they finished. P5, P21, P28, P55 and P94. Along the way again the P21 and P28 put on a great show of side by side racing,

Sunday first race – 6 boats – P9 started the race and managed to jump the start taking the P55 with him. P9 dropped out after 2 laps. P28 quit in the final turn but got it started again to cross the finish line, seems the fuel line fell off. They finished – P5, P21, P94, P28 and P55.

Sunday final – the regular group started but the P28 dropped out in the first turn, broken strut this time. They finished P5, P21, P55, P94.

With the points from Parker I think the P55 is still in the lead by 35 points.

There wasn’t a meeting due to lack of members showing up for a wonderful BBQ provided by Ed Solis,

Next race May 14th-16th Lake Minden 5 boats from region 11 have committed.


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