Race News – Mission Bay, CA

The place was Mission Bay in San Diego. The event was the Bayfair 2015 Unlimited Hydroplane Races.
It was a brothers festival of teams joined by the p55. Brothers Danny and Chuck Doidge had their p21 and p24 with their sons and daughter racing the rigs.

The Schatz brothers brought the ps3 and p32 and commanded their rigs. And to round out the brother fest, the Rucki’s p28, piloted by Richard with Brian at the rider spot and of course Conaway’s p55.
The Rucki brothers arrived in the wee hours of Friday morning after leaving Livermore Thursday afternoon at 4pm.

It was great to see that 4 of the 5 region 12 teams were already there. After a few short hours of sleep, the scurry to relocate the Taj Mahal trailer over to the rv section and start setting up our pits was quite the event in itself.
With all the usual hustle and bustle, 5 teams were prepped and ready to do battle against each other. Then we found out that our biggest nemesis to conquer would be the “course” that we had to run. Doing the best they could trying to keep our race course out of the way of the big boys in H1, a course was set. Void of any symmetry, it was quite the unusual quad turn set up and those who figured out treacherous turn 1 would eventually increase their chances for the win.


Friday’s races went as follows –

Heat 1 had p21.p22, p.28, p84 and p3… again with electrical gremlins.
Heat 2 had p32.p28 pg|4.pg and p21 didn’t make the call
After the racing saw the teams helping each other to get ready for Saturdays round 2 of 3. it was rumored Ed Solis went into town to purchase every available MSD Ignition box and distributor just to be safe.
Saturday started with 6 boats all running. They started 94, 92, 21,9,28 and 55 in that order. P9 died in the first turn. P21 thought someone had flipped so they slid out. P28 went behind P55 to avoid P9. In other words it was a mess in the first turn, Spray everywhere and when it settled P9 restarted and joined the group. After the second lap the passing and lanes changing slowed. They finished P92, P21, P55 P94, P9 and P28. P55 was charged with a lane infraction in that first turn mess but It was later overturned when P.28 told the official that they weren’t cut off and had gone to the outside of P55 before the turn. Julian had videoed the start.
Between races P21 changed props as did P28. The P28 change worked to their benefit, but P21 started cavitating, no control. The second race starting order was p9.p28,p55,p92,p.94 and p21. Right off the bat P28 jumped to a lead with P9 staying very close. P94 passed the P55 and P92. P21 was having control issues. P55 and P94 were back and forth for 3rd. Really great side by side racing. Then on the last turn P28 died. Seems the fuel line broke. The riderson board mechanic lived up to his title and held the fuel line together so they could finish the race. They finished P9, P94, P55, P92, P28 and P21. The day had some of the best side by side racing I’ve seen in a long time.
Sunday looked to be another great day. All 6 boats lined up for the first race in this order – P55, P28, P94, P21, P9, P92. By the first lap the order was almost reversed. P55 got washed and P94 was having handling problems (more about that later). The order then was P9, P92, P21, P28. P21 got around P92 next lap and it stayed in that order to the end. P55 dried out the wiring and tested the firing.
Everything seemed ok. P94 on the other hand had major problems. The strut shaft broke at the weld. The beautiful boat is still in one piece and the bottom is still there. They will be ready for the next race in October.

Sunday final turned out to have only 4 boats, P55’s kill switch died so they were a no show. Starting order was P28, P9, P92, P21. I think the P21 got the bugs worked out because they drove like there was no tomorrow. Went from lane 4 to lane 1 and the lead in one lap. They finished P21, P9, P92 and P28.
Overall points for the weekend were:
P92 _ 560 P9 – 535 P28 – 510 P21 – 455 P94 – 390 P55 – 220
The driver/rider teams were the regular ones for P9, P92, P21 and P28. P55 had a rookie rider that was recruited at the last minute – Mike Orrin (Nick Granger’s brother). P94 driver/rider Friday was Donald with Heath from the 369 boat as rookie rider, then Sat, was Jeff with Justin, and Sun. was Donald with Justin.
Other race news – The club received prize money from the Long Beach race so the five boats will share the $2000 with the club kicking in another $500. It is nice to be able to cover some of the costs.
Julian is working to put on the race for the North American Championship on October 10th and 11th at the Mossdale rock quarry near Lathrop. He is looking for sponsorship to help with the overhead. There are several boats committed from region 11 and 12. With the points so close it could be interesting to see who shows.
Lake Ming in Bakersfield will be the site of the next SCSC race on Oct 24th and 25tከ.

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