Race News – Long Beach, CA

Well for those of you who didn’t stream the Long Beach race it was strange and exciting. We had 5 boats show up. P9 with Scott Schatz and Jeff Hansen, P21 (who we haven’t seen in a while) with David Doidge and Jennifer Doidge, P55 with Dave Laws and Scott Stump, P92 with Mike Schatz and Cole Noble and P94 with Donald Doidge and Justin Vandalesa. It ended up being a Doidge family rout. They alternated wins.

Starting the first heat on Saturday everyone showed. P9 had the inside lane but did a strange 360 on the first turn and went to the back of the pack. P94 wasn’t a factor as they had lost steering on the practice laps and weren’t quite right yet. It was tight between P55, P21 and P92 for a couple of laps then P21 pulled away from the pack to win. P55 came in second with P9 in third. P92 was fourth and P94 fifth, Between races which seemed like all day, the P55 fixed it’s fuel pump electrical problem and P94 got it’s steering working right. Apparently P21 worked on its carb during the day but when it came time to race the XZXYX thing wouldn’t start. So for the National race Saturday evening there were only 4 boats. P94 had the inside lane on the first turn and kept it. P55 and P92 were neck and neck for 3 laps and finished 2nd and 3rd in that order. P9 must have been having problems as it wasn’t in contention at any time. We did get a good look at the underneath side of the boat as you can see by this pic

I don’t know how the landing was but I’m sure. If their teeth weren’t clenched together before they landed, they were when they hit.
Anyhow P94 won the National. It was a first for Donald and at Long Beach too. I don’t think l”we seen Chuck dance before.

Sunday’s first heat had three lead changes! P92 had the inside with P55, P94, P21 and P9 in pursuit. By the first lap it was P94 in the lead followed by P55, P92, P21 and P9. The second lap had P55 in the lead with P94 and P92 close behind. P21 dropped out due to the XXX carb problem again. The line up stayed the same until the last turn then P55 loss power to the electrical boxes. Dead in the water! P94 took first with P92 second and P9 third. All boats were fixed for the final on Sunday. At the start P92 had the inside with P55, P9, P21 and P94 in that order. By the first lap the P55 and P92 were battling side by side in tight turns. However the tide had come up so the course was wider and they didn’t notice the P21 making wide fast turns on the outside. Needless to say the P21 flew by and newer looked back. Not sure what was going on with the P94 as they ended up 4th with P9 fifth. So as it ended the P21 won the first and last races of the weekend and the P94 won the middle two. A clean sweep for the family.

Next race for Region 12 is San Diego Sept 18-20. If you are planning on going be sure to email Dave Laws at cbrccommodore@gmail.com and let him know.
Region 11 is racing at Lake Minden Resort on August 29th and 30th. Not sure who is coordinating that race but I’m sure Julian knows so let him know if you are going to be there.
Then there is the North American Championship in Lathrop, Ca, at the Mossdale Rock Quarry on Oct 10th and 11th.
Ed is asking each team to update their profile on the website. Send the particulars to him at edsracingteam@att.net. He will forward them to the web guy. Also if you have any suggestions for improvements let him know. Is the Yahoo blog worth reviving? We are looking for new officers for the next year. Commodore for sure and possibly treasurer. As with everything the club is only as good as the members make it. Also we need nominations for awards. Driver, Rider, Rookie Driver and Rider (if there are any), Crew Chief, Hard Luck ( Mark says he doesn’t want it again), Sportsman, and Αchievement.

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