Burley Idaho – hot hot hot! There were 4 boats on Friday for testing. Heard P9 was on his way. Not sure when he arrived – sometime around 10PM. Only the P92 and P94 tested. P7 was changing the fuel pump and P38 was looking for a rider.

P7 – Widow maker – driver – Brandon Cushing
rider – Sean Waters
P9 – Miss Sun Coast – driver – Scott Schatz
rider – Jeff Hanson
P38 – Rascal – driver – Bob Nyland
rider – rent a rider
P92 – Evolution – driver – Mike Schatz
rider – Cole Noble
P94 – High Maintenance – driver – Jeff Doidge
rider – Donald Doidge

Saturday – 1st race started with P94 in lane 1, P38 in lane 2, P9 in lane 3, P7 in lane 4, and P92 in lane 5. P7 made the parade lap but pulled off before the race started due to a fuel problem. P9 had something go wrong on lap 2 and he slowed to check it out. I think being covered in oil made it difficult to drive. So they ended With P94 in 1st, P92 in 2nd, P9 in 3rd, and P38 in 4th.
Saturday final – started in reverse order for lanes. P9 waited till after the parade lap to join the group. Trying to save the engine for the rest of the weekend. P7 made one lap then pulled off due to fuel pressure problems and oil pan hole. The finish was P94, then P92, then P9 and P38 who broke his steering cable.

Sunday – 1st race lanes were P92, P94, P38, P7 and P9. P7 didn’t finish parade lap and was sinking so everyone came in and started over. Other than black flagging the course nothing else occurred. The finish was P94, P92, P38 and P9.
Sunday final-started in reverse order. They finished P94 passing P92 on the last turn for the win. P92 second, P9 third and P38 fourth.

Club officers met on June 20th for an update on the status of the web site and brain storming session. The .com website is up and running with a couple of corrections to be made. So on your “favorites” or “bookmarks” change from .net to .com.
We want to include as much back info as we have about the winners of the trophies on the web site. Some of the plaques have been removed and there are no written records. If you know who and when please email to one crackedrapper@gmail.com . Thanks in advance.

Discussion about the low boat count brought out ideas about a beginner class. With the cost of the engines costing upwards of $30,000. There is no place for someone to start and be even slightly competitive. One idea was to have a class within a class. Our designation not APBA. That way the new people would have competition to get their feet wet. Could be a kind of grudge racing. What do you think? All ideas are good. We just need new blood.

Long Beach race is the 8th and 9th. Again we will have dinner Sat. nite somewhere there. Lance will be the “chef extraordinaire”. Please bring an appetizer to share and BYOB. Jeannie Sampson’s beans will be there.

As usual there will be nominations for officers. Dave is looking for a replacement. The job isn’t hard just time consuming calling racers to see who is going to be at which race.

Side Notes –
Lake Minden at Nicolaus, Ca. is rescheduled for August 29th and 30th.
Cracker North American Championships are being requested for the Manteca race in region 11 on October 10th and 11th.
For the Washington race the P7 engine was built by S&S Performance and Marine and installed on Friday night before the race.
Update on the appeal for Scott – all final inspections were completed in Detroit. The tech committee found all to be “legal”. It then went to the appeals committee and they supported the tech committee’s finding and voted to support Scott’s appeal. Then it went to the IRC for final discussion and the IRC voted to support Scott’s appeal. All deemed legal.
We did learn some things from this. Your appeal has to be fairly clear and some verbiage will be changed as of June pertaining to the carb inspection tools and what you don’t need to use. But the appeals system worked. No fault was assigned. So the record on 1 2/3 competition is 92.8.

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