Race News – Lake Minden, CA

May 16th & 17th

NCOAs first race of the season had four CrackerBox teams make the event. We have high hopes for 6 teams, but the new P27 had to cancel due to family matters and Doidges P94 is living up to her name and not quite repaired.

From the south, it was the Schatz traveling road show with the Solis P9 Miss Suncoast. Taking the helm, none other than Hollywood himself and his trusty cohort Jeff Hanson, Mike Schatz in his P92 Evolution with Cole Noble. From the north with their wood is good entries – Jeff Walshs 44P Free n Easy and Julians 99P Wicked.

Saturday Heat one – The four contestants took to the tight confines of the bull ring. The Schatz boys battled for lanes 1 and 2. Julian took to the depths of turn 2 and the far outside lane. The 44P took up residence in lane 3 or . As they rounded turn two and headed for the start the south boys were a tad early and on plane. The 99F made a run from the deep in the turn and hit the start on the fly and all of them were off. 3 wide in turn one, on the back stretch the P92 and P9 were neck and neck with 99P right off their transoms. 44P was making popcorn or at least the motor was, Something was askew someplace in the motor. Entering turn two the 3 were near three wide again, as they exited turn 3, Julian saw some blow by coming out of the breather and as he slowed to evaluate the situation, there was a shuddering wibration and he shut her down. The 44P pulled off and went in, leaving the brothers Schatz to put on a great show with P9 edging out P92 for 1st.

Heat two – the 99P didn’t make the call. The remaining 3 made the start. Again it was the P9 and P92 taking the start or so they thought. After numerous reviews of the start with the pad, both brothers had jumped the gun. However the 44P was not up to speed, so they would have covered the penalty. As it ended up, the 44P pulled in and the gun jump was now a moot point. In the end it was P9 1st and P922nd.

A quick evaluation of the 99P – no compression in 3. With not enough boats for Sunday the teams cleaned up, put their stuff away. Then off to Mexican themed potluck dinner assembled by none other than Region 11s master of potluck dinners himself and his bride, Brian and Ohara Schmeltz. More food than you could eat. Ed Solis picked up some great ham and roast beef cold cuts. Missy provided a corn casserole that was to die for. After dinner was the barn dance where all had a great time,

Next up Region 11s Salt Springs Reservoir in Copperopolis then Burley

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